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We advocate for justice.  That means justice for ALL people.  We advocate hard for brain-based disabilities, but people with brain-based disabilities are also minorities, LGBT, and immigrants.  We have to support the entire person.  We love to partner with other organizations to highlight injustices.  Here are a few we cover.  Please connect with us if you have any other ideas.

FASD Awareness Campaigns

We have some major FASD advocates on our team. They want to be loud for this under talked about disability. We have had millions of impressions on social media and have worked on legislative changes.

Human Trafficking Awareness

We have joined forces before to raise awareness about human trafficking using the Dressember Campagin. In 2020, our team raised almost $10k for survivors.

Prioritizing Marginalized Voices

We seek out advocates who are often marginalized. We have lifted up voices of adoptees, former foster youth, Black advocates, Indigenous advocates, and individuals with disabilities.

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