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Emmaus Holder, 19, is biking across America to raise awareness for America's most invisible disability that is 2.5x more common than Autism.  Starting in Topsail, NC he will bike across America to Los Angeles raising awareness and doing research for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders.  FASDs affect 5% of Americans and are largely stigmatized. In Ohio alone, 5% of the population is 584,500 people and that doesn't include their families!  
Emmaus, a Sociology major at UNC-Chapel Hill, is opening up conversations with caregivers and researchers on FASDs.  He is completing this trip as a Morehead-Cain Scholar, which is inspired by the Rhodes Scholarship.  Emmaus grew up with two adoptive brothers with FASD and is passionate about getting rid of the stigma and starting conversations.
He is also raising money for NCFASD at his GoFundMe.
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"It’s a very prevalent issue, and it’s very under-diagnosed. There is a lot of stigma surrounding it because there is a lot of blame placed on the mother, but oftentimes they don’t even know they are pregnant for a long time."

- Emmaus Holder, FASD Across America
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