An Unmet Need

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An Unmet Need
by Aubrey Page, Co-Founder
The whole reason that I started on this journey 3 years ago was because I saw a gap in the system. The system was made to function. It didn't have to function efficiently or effectively. In some ways, the system was made just so someone can add a link to their reelection campaign or resume that said "I did this." That doesn't mean that it positively impacted the community it was supposed to serve. The gap was between the families who needed the most support and everything else.
The biggest help to my own parenting journey was education.So I started there.
How could I get the information that empowered me into the hands of other families?
The first step was:
So often organizations are required to provide trainings to their clients, but was it something they could leave the training and implement immediately? Did the training match the real life experience of the audience? I was driven to provide education that bridged that gap. Since my sister and I have started the Collaborative, I can now offer you a wide variety of trainings provided by a wide variety of experts. You can hire Shannon to teach your audience all about IEP advocacy and how they can go into a meeting confident about what they know. You can hire JJ to share her unfiltered lived experience as a biological mom of a child with FASD and how her road to recovery led to a newfound focus on advocacy. Of course, you can hire me to talk about brain-based parenting and FASD. We want to be a resource to organizations looking for practical strategies that their staff and clients can use immediately. We also strive to make our trainings fun and engaging!
Once Pandemic hit, all of my trainings turned virtual. I saw so many parents struggling in my social media feed. Pandemic was the crisis we never needed, but here we were.
So I started a:
We got online once a week and just brainstormed how to survive. It was a crucial need and I can't wait to start holding these again. We meet from inside of our Facebook Group. Our only rule is that after venting, we need to problem solve.
  While I was holding these support groups, some parents needed extensive information that I couldn't provide in two hour support group session. That led me to create the Collaborative and start hosting:
My goal with online courses was to make it easily accessible, affordable, and practical. I took my hours long courses and divided them up into short segments that could be watched in the car while waiting in the school pickup line or during your few minutes of glorious silence right after bed. I released a course on IEPs and Shannon released a course on preparing for the holidays. Our biggest engagement came when I released a course series on FASD. Our course "Identifying FASD" is free and helps a person determine if FASD symptoms that they are seeing.
I am also honored to host courses by other professionals like "Siblings" by Michelle Catania, "Digging Deeper on Self Care" with La Shanda Sugg, and "Supporting ADHD: Parent Edition" by Yakini Pierce.
After taking courses, many people had additional questions and wanted individualized time. 
So then we created:                                                                                                 
You can hire any of our Collaborators to do a consultation with your organization or with a family. We want to be there to provide individualized advice for each situation. These one hour sessions allow us to really dig into how the brain of you, your client, or your child works so that we can figure out ways to change ourselves and our approach to them. You can book these consutlations with myself (Aubrey), Kam, Shannon, and JJ.  
Answering similar questions over and over again led to us realizing we needed to create a place to keep information that we can reference:
 We have linked resources under a page and we are continuing to grow links there as well as broaden our playlists on YouTube. Each Collaborator has a bio page  that lists the last videos or blogs they have done and any podcasts they have been on. There are so many ways to get free information and suggestions from us and resources are a great way to start!
There you have it. All of the ways we want to serve this population. We are continuing to get creative about how to provide that information so I hope you will stick around. If you have ideas about other services we can provide this community, please email us at

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