What Can I Do To Spread FASD Awareness?

by Alex Tripp, Collaborator
Once I become interested in something, I try to know as much about it as I possibly can… Example: This binder started out as some handwritten pages in a notebook. I started researching and reading about FASD four years ago and basically, I never looked back. But, I kept wondering… How could I share the information I had and the things I was learning in a way that went beyond just talking to the people in my life?
Last September I really wanted to do something for FASD Awareness Month. What could *I*, as one person with a head full of information and nowhere to go, do to contribute to spreading awareness for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder?
Well, I’m what some might call a “social media enthusiast” (and by that I just mean that a very large amount of my time is spent on it). So I headed to what was familiar and started posting information there. Then came the graphics, which I had so much fun making I would sit in my room for hours making one after another. I finally had a way to share and spread the information that I had been collecting and reading about for the last four years - and beyond that, I was learning even more as I went along. I will never be done learning, and I will never be done advocating for and creating more awareness for FASD.
Advocacy is a journey that I feel honored to be a part of. I hope if you’re reading this and have thought about advocating in some way yourself, you’re reminded that no efforts are too small - even if you feel like you’re just one person with a head full of information and nowhere to go.

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