Welcome JJ!

jj Nov 08, 2022
by Aubrey Page, Founder
I am so honored to announce the addition of JJ DunhamReed to The Collaborative!
JJ and I met during one of my trainings when she messaged me to say that she was a parent of a child with FASD. We chatted after my training and she is just a burst of energy. She was tired of how the system was working for her family and wanted to make change for her families and others.
THIS is the type of person I want to work with.
When I launched my coaching program, Making Change for FASD last year, JJ excitedly joined. As we worked together she started to see what kind of services she wanted to provide the community. She also found a way to tell her story.

JJ is in recovery for Substance Use Disorder and shares her full story to help other parents feel safe to be a part of the FASD community. She also advocates in the community to help humanize stories like hers. She wants biological parents of kids with FASD to be valued and not shamed. Her own ADHD gives her helpful insight to understanding nuerodiverse brains and she is constantly sharing wins that she has at home.
As she advocates for her children in Ohio, she also is fantastic at networking with other organizations to find out how the system SHOULD work for others. She became a Parent Peer Support Specialist through NAMI Ohio and is certified to support other parents. She was also awarded the Hope Taft Award for FASD Advocacy in Ohio for 2022.
JJ is a great addition to the Collab and is passionate about helping us to find new ways to support parents and professionals who support individuals with brain-based disabilities.
Welcome, JJ!!
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