Welcome Kam!

Uncategorized Nov 07, 2022
Welcome Kam!
by Aubrey Page, Founder
If you're a real detail-oriented person, you may have noticed that I changed my title to "Co-Founder." How did I go from CEO to Founder to Co-Founder?
One dedicated sister. That's how.
When I came up with the idea to launch The CSH Collab in the summer of 2020, my sister, Kam, was totally onboard. She had been helping me for years with the details of getting paid for trainings and she just saw this as an expansion. Except, because she had recently realized that she is Autistic, her voice was a very valuable addition to the conversation. She was a part of the audience that I hoped to serve.
We would be on calls brainstorming post ideas and I would always pass course plans through her. She would email Collaborators and helped me set up my business address. She was there in the background making it all work.
She recently decided to launch a business called Chaos Optimized Group. Look for it in January 2023! She will be supporting other neurodiverse individuals in finding ways to optimize their lives. She jokes that she was her first client. But also, she had been doing that for me for years. WAY before we knew I had ADHD.
Her looking at a public presence on social media helped me to realize that she should be a Collaborator. She should have been all along...
Then we were reassessing titles for the company learning that "Chief Executive Officer" is a term that is not a preferred term by the indigenous population. I changed my title to Founder. But then Kam was the "Chief Operations Officer" so what do we change that to?
Clearly she should be a Co-Founder. Operating behind the scenes with me from Day -100 she should be able to call this "hers" as well. The text convo below ensued.
Just last night she told me when she was telling someone about the Collab they said "well, clearly you're doing the right thing because you're glowing when you're talking about it."
My sister and I's relationship hasn't always been the best, but we just had each other as we grew up. As we became adults, we were finding ourselves and ended up finding each other also. I am so proud of the woman she has become and couldn't imagine changing the world without her next to me.

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