One Year Later...

aubrey page Nov 01, 2021

by Aubrey Page, Founder

I can't believe it has been a year.  A year since this Collaborative was birthed.  A year since I took a leap of faith.  And I'd love to have a rosy story about how amazing this year has been, but let me tell you some facts.

I cried the day of launch. I put my heart and soul into creating a resource that I had so desperately needed and it launched to crickets.  Not only did we accidentally launch the week of the US Presidential Elections, but also I had in my head that people were chomping at the bit for this resource.  That just wasn't the case.  But why?

Why did we sell nothing for the first 60 days?
Why? Because I was imagining filling a need my audience didn't ask for.  My audience asked for FASD courses and I gave them.....a course on escalations?  What!? No! That's not what they wanted!

But I had a vision.

My vision was launching a Collaborative NOT focused solely on FASD.  Where we bring together all variations of brain based disabilities to support each other.  Where we bring together parents AND professionals.  Where we advertise one another without fear of losing customers to someone else.  We just do the damn thing and change the world.

That meant I couldn't launch right away with an FASD course.  I needed to establish the Collaborative as passionate about a lot more than one disability.  In December we talked about injustices surrounding disabilities and how they could lead to vulnerability to human trafficking as our Collaborators participated on a Dressember team that raised almost $10k to create freedom for others.  In January we focused on self care by hosting a self care challenge that so many people participated in leading up to the launch of LaShanda's amazing course "Digging Deeper on Self Care."  In February, we reviewed some of the diagnoses with support and realized that many people don't know what "neurodiversity" means so, in March, we went over the neurodiversity model.  In April, we supported Autism Acceptance Month by talking about the complexities with that disability.  And finally on May 1st we launched our first courses on FASD.

Since launching of the FASD courses, we have seen so much growth.  We were also so thankful to launch a course on Siblings with Michelle in July. A topic requested by our followers.  In August, we launched our first course focused on professionals, Supporting FASD (Teacher Edition).  This course was designed so that parents could buy it for their child's teacher.  That month we also launched our first-ever FASD Advocacy Course.  It was a BETA group and we look forward to launching again soon having learned a lot!  In September, we spread FASD Advocacy again with our new found audience.  In October, we launched our first course focused on a disability other than FASD. Supporting ADHD (Parent Edition).  I am so proud to host this course by Yakini that shows that we are invested in many forms of neurodiversity.  We have another course in the works for November.

Once I've written that all out, I realize how much it has been.  And truth be told, I am tired.  But I am also so hopeful.  I could not have dreamed a course on FASD advocacy. Or all the awesome course partners I would work with.  In the future I see continued growth into other disabilities.  I see a community that relies on each other for support and growth.

This month we've also launched the ability to book 1:1 with any of our Collaborators AND the ability to book them for trainings.  We want to give you all the possible resources and we want to help encourage growth for them.

Thank you for being along for the ride and supporting us.  We can't wait to see what the future holds for us.  You're a part of us.

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