Who is The Change Starts Here Collaborative?


We just recently launched and are excited about what is to come. We are a collaborative of advocates and educators for neurodiversity. We want to see systemic and legislative change as a part of our work to support families. We see value in neurodiverse individuals and want to see their voices lifted and valued in the discussion. We want to link arms with fellow advocates and fight to improve the quality of life of families while maintaining stability for their children.

So, who is this for?
This is for families of kids with brain-based disabilities. That includes diagnoses like ADHD, Autism, FASD, ODD, OCD, PANS/PANDAS, learning disabilities, and so much more. It also includes kids who don't necessarily have a diagnosis, but have learning or social differences.
This is for families of kids who have trauma. We will always be committed to trauma-informed practices.
This is for families of kids who have mental health challenges. This includes, things like bipolar, schizophrenia, depression, anxiety, PTSD.
This is for professionals of all of those diagnoses. We are here for you also.

We will use the term "neurodiversity" to encompass all of this because we believe the brain is a spectrum of strengths and challenges and not something to be "fixed" or "cured." The neurodiversity model counters the medical model by saying that brain differences are just a part of how human beings are made and that we need to embrace those differences rather than trying to fix them. We believe it matters less about how the child's brain became diverse and more about how we respond to that diversity. The biggest priority is the happiness of the child and not their ability to appear "typical" or the goal of getting them beyond accommodations. We see symptoms as part of how the brain functions and push away the idea that our kids "won't" do something or that they are "trying to manipulate a situation" or lie. We believe, as Ross Greene taught us, that the kids would do well if they could. We want to help remove any barriers to their success.

How are we going to do this?
First, we partnered together. There isn't one person that has the answers to this challenge and many of us can bring a variety of awesome things to the table. We are excited to highlight our collaborator's gifts. Some are parents and some are professionals, but all of us are passionate advocates for brain differences.
Second, we provide you valuable free content. We will work to provide you caregiver tips, neurodiversity facts, interviews with experts, and blog post as you follow along with us.
Third, we provide free community. We have a Facebook group with exclusive content and discounts and we also have a weekly support group run by our Collaborators.
Last but not least, we provide training. Sometimes that will be mini-courses of one or two hours of content that you can watch in short segments as you get a couple of seconds to rub together. Sometimes that will be live trainings by our collaborators or guests. Who knows what else we have in store? The most important thing is that we believe education will help you as a caregiver in a deep way. We will bridge the gap between stress and success by providing affordable and accessible education content. We believe a huge aspect of self-care is learning more about your child's disability so that you can approach situations with empathy.

Why are we called The Change Starts Here Collaborative?
Because we believe that change begins with us. The adults in a child's life are a huge influence and as we become more aware of how to best support them, we will see them flourish. Professionals play a key role as they use their experience and training to help guide a family to growth.

How can you be involved?
Sign up for our newsletter to learn the latest resources that we create or find for you.
Join our Facebook group to be a part of our community and support group.
Follow us on all of our social media platforms and message us to say "hi."
Check out our course offerings and see what looks like it would support you.
Feel free to email or message us and let us know what other topics you would be interested in. We want to serve your family.

We are excited for what is to come in the Collaborative and want to see how we can partner with you as well.

Remember: Change Starts Here. 


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