Why are we named The Change Starts Here Collaborative?

Why are we named The Change Starts Here Collaborative?
by Aubrey Page, Co-Founder
Well let’s start with who we are? We are a collaborative that supports individuals with brain-based disabilities and those who support them. We provide resources, courses, consultations, and support groups to meet the needs of this population.
We are The Change Start Here because we believe that change begins with us. It begins with us as a support person for an individual with a brain-based disability. We change. Not them. It begins with us as citizens, we change the world around us to better work for the disability population and don’t wait for change to come to us.
We are a Collaborative because collaborative is an adjective that describes an effort in which people work together. We are made up of parents and professionals who support individuals with brain-based disabilities. We are also made up of people who have brain-based disabilities. We have ADHD, Autism, PTSD, and a fun list of mental health conditions. We are EXPERIENTIAL educators. We are you!
We want to help build a community of people that will collaborate to make change in the world. The support system in a person’s life are a huge influence and as we become more aware of how to best support them, we will see them flourish. Professionals play a key role as they use their experience and training to help guide a person to growth.
We believe it matters less about how a brain became diverse and more about how we respond to that diversity. The biggest priority is the happiness of the person and not their ability to appear "typical." We also don’t believe in a goal of getting someone “beyond” accommodations. We see symptoms as part of how the brain functions and push away the idea that a person "won't" do something or that they are "trying to manipulate a situation" or lie. We believe, as Ross Greene taught us, that the kids would do well if they could. We want to help remove any barriers to their success.
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