An Unmet Need

Nov 14, 2022
An Unmet Need
by Aubrey Page, Co-Founder
The whole reason that I started on this journey 3 years ago was because I saw a gap in the system. The system was made to function. It didn't have to function efficiently or effectively. In some ways, the system was made just so someone can add a link to their reelection campaign or resume that said "I did this." That doesn't mean that it positively impacted the community it was supposed to serve. The gap was between the families who needed the most support and everything else.
The biggest help to my own parenting journey was education.So I started there.
How could I get the information that empowered me into the hands of other families?
The first step was:
So often organizations are required to provide trainings to their clients, but was it something they could leave the training and implement immediately? Did the training match the real life experience of the audience? I was...
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Why are we named The Change Starts Here Collaborative?

Nov 11, 2022

Why are we named The Change Starts Here Collaborative?
by Aubrey Page, Co-Founder
Well let’s start with who we are? We are a collaborative that supports individuals with brain-based disabilities and those who support them. We provide resources, courses, consultations, and support groups to meet the needs of this population.
We are The Change Start Here because we believe that change begins with us. It begins with us as a support person for an individual with a brain-based disability. We change. Not them. It begins with us as citizens, we change the world around us to better work for the disability population and don’t wait for change to come to us.
We are a Collaborative because collaborative is an adjective that describes an effort in which people work together. We are made up of parents and professionals who support individuals with brain-based disabilities. We are also made up of people who have brain-based disabilities. We...
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We're Back!

Nov 01, 2022
by Aubrey Page, Founder


I remember all of the energy I had going into our one-year anniversary. I was so excited to make our first animated video. I was excited about broadening what the Collab could be. Alex and I worked long hours on that video.
And that video was the last thing I posted on the Collab feed until today.
Why did we disappear for a year? We'll call it a sabbatical...
Honestly, I was too overwhelmed. My family was in crisis and instead of pushing forward, I stepped back. What unraveled in the following months included my discovery of my own ADHD and a major renovation on our newly purchased historic home.
This has been a season of me learning that I can do some things, but I cannot do all of the things.
Although it was the best thing at the time, this "sabbatical" has meant that we have been unable to launch some courses that we had planned or advocate on the level that we usually do. It means...
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Who is The Change Starts Here Collaborative?

Nov 16, 2020


We just recently launched and are excited about what is to come. We are a collaborative of advocates and educators for neurodiversity. We want to see systemic and legislative change as a part of our work to support families. We see value in neurodiverse individuals and want to see their voices lifted and valued in the discussion. We want to link arms with fellow advocates and fight to improve the quality of life of families while maintaining stability for their children.

So, who is this for?
This is for families of kids with brain-based disabilities. That includes diagnoses like ADHD, Autism, FASD, ODD, OCD, PANS/PANDAS, learning disabilities, and so much more. It also includes kids who don't necessarily have a diagnosis, but have learning or social differences.
This is for families of kids who have trauma. We will always be committed to trauma-informed practices.
This is for families of kids who have mental health challenges. This includes, things like bipolar,...

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Welcome to the Collaborative!

Nov 01, 2020
by Aubrey Page

Wow! Launch day!  This has been in the works for several months. We are so proud of the content we are curating for you in your endeavors to support neurodiverse individuals.  Be sure to find out who we are.

As collaborators we are working to provide you with information via short courses that give you a lesson in less than 15 minutes (so even if you're waiting in the car pickup line you can still get some learning in).  We are working on many partnerships to bring you passionate, practical, and progressive information to help you on your mission to support neurodiverse individuals.

What is neurodiversity?  According to Psychology Today:

Neurodiversity refers to the idea that neurological differences, such as those seen in autism or ADHD, reflect normal variations in brain development. Neurodiversity is often contrasted with the “medical model,” which views conditions such as autism or ADHD as disorders to...

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