We're Back!

Nov 01, 2022
by Aubrey Page, Founder


I remember all of the energy I had going into our one-year anniversary. I was so excited to make our first animated video. I was excited about broadening what the Collab could be. Alex and I worked long hours on that video.
And that video was the last thing I posted on the Collab feed until today.
Why did we disappear for a year? We'll call it a sabbatical...
Honestly, I was too overwhelmed. My family was in crisis and instead of pushing forward, I stepped back. What unraveled in the following months included my discovery of my own ADHD and a major renovation on our newly purchased historic home.
This has been a season of me learning that I can do some things, but I cannot do all of the things.
Although it was the best thing at the time, this "sabbatical" has meant that we have been unable to launch some courses that we had planned or advocate on the level that we usually do. It means...
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Mama Bear? Sounds about right...

Sep 01, 2022

by: Aubrey Page, Founder

The other day I took my kid to the Orthodontist for a consultation. The Ortho was incredible and called me "Mama Bear" from the moment she met me.
Did she ACTUALLY know my full-time, terribly paid job of advocating for my kids?
OR maybe she know I had been hibernating for almost a year? Not hibernating in the way that bears do. Bears usually just tuck away for the winter and come out in spring ready to rock. I tucked away for wayyyy longer than that.
As many of you know, my family went into crisis last spring. I tried to push through what I thought was a temporary situation. It ended up being much more serious and permanent than we thought. We are just now starting to find our footing.
Last September when FASD Awareness Month rolled around my brain just...went into hibernation. I had plans and ideas and they just could not come to fruition.
I got to where I couldn't help with any household task. Many days, my husband...
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No Promises, Just Try

Aug 18, 2021
by Alex Tripp, Collaborator
I can remember getting ready for back-to-school myself, and all of the different feelings that would come in the days leading up… Who’s class will I be in? What will I wear? Who will I sit with? Will I know my way around?
After I graduated from college, I started a position as a Child and Youth Worker at a group home for youth with various forms of neurodiversity; including FASD, ASD and ADHD. When it came time for back-to-school for these kiddos, I would think about all of those questions that I used to have and how they were feeling all of those things, and then some…
For children with brain-based disabilities who may have a hard time with transitions, new environments, sensory sensitivities and emotional regulation - I imagined these worries felt even bigger to them, especially for those kiddos who were new to the home or starting at a brand new school.
One of the first things I would do to help the kids prepare would be to...
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