We're Back!

Nov 01, 2022
by Aubrey Page, Founder


I remember all of the energy I had going into our one-year anniversary. I was so excited to make our first animated video. I was excited about broadening what the Collab could be. Alex and I worked long hours on that video.
And that video was the last thing I posted on the Collab feed until today.
Why did we disappear for a year? We'll call it a sabbatical...
Honestly, I was too overwhelmed. My family was in crisis and instead of pushing forward, I stepped back. What unraveled in the following months included my discovery of my own ADHD and a major renovation on our newly purchased historic home.
This has been a season of me learning that I can do some things, but I cannot do all of the things.
Although it was the best thing at the time, this "sabbatical" has meant that we have been unable to launch some courses that we had planned or advocate on the level that we usually do. It means...
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What Can I Do To Spread FASD Awareness?

Sep 19, 2021
by Alex Tripp, Collaborator
Once I become interested in something, I try to know as much about it as I possibly can… Example: This binder started out as some handwritten pages in a notebook. I started researching and reading about FASD four years ago and basically, I never looked back. But, I kept wondering… How could I share the information I had and the things I was learning in a way that went beyond just talking to the people in my life?
Last September I really wanted to do something for FASD Awareness Month. What could *I*, as one person with a head full of information and nowhere to go, do to contribute to spreading awareness for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder?
Well, I’m what some might call a “social media enthusiast” (and by that I just mean that a very large amount of my time is spent on it). So I headed to what was familiar and started posting information there. Then came the graphics, which I had so much fun making I would sit...
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