An Unmet Need

Nov 14, 2022
An Unmet Need
by Aubrey Page, Co-Founder
The whole reason that I started on this journey 3 years ago was because I saw a gap in the system. The system was made to function. It didn't have to function efficiently or effectively. In some ways, the system was made just so someone can add a link to their reelection campaign or resume that said "I did this." That doesn't mean that it positively impacted the community it was supposed to serve. The gap was between the families who needed the most support and everything else.
The biggest help to my own parenting journey was education.So I started there.
How could I get the information that empowered me into the hands of other families?
The first step was:
So often organizations are required to provide trainings to their clients, but was it something they could leave the training and implement immediately? Did the training match the real life experience of the audience? I was...
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What makes your eye twitch as a parent?

Nov 09, 2020
by Aubrey Page, Collaborator
Sometimes you feel like you're spinning in circles. You keep trying new parenting tactics, but you hit road blocks. And then that one thing happens. The thing that makes your eye twitch.
Maybe for you it's lying. Maybe for you it's disrespect. Maybe it's sibling fights. We all have the thing. The thing that sends you from 0 to 100 in 2.5 seconds flat.
When we are in the moment we feel like it's the thing that our kid is the worst at, but when we are able to step away we can see it's the thing that impacts us the most. Whether it reminds us of our past or happens to be a message we got about parenting that makes us feel like we are bad parents if our kids do this. Either way, it is about us. Not them.
For me, this is the hardest part of parenting. I want to hold my kids accountable for every feeling I have. Explain to myself that it's because they do x that I yell. Or because they won't do x that I took away whatever. Realistically,...
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