The In Between

Oct 29, 2022
by Aubrey Page, Founder
My sister recently taught me a word.
liminal [ lim-uh-nl ] : of or relating to a transitional or intermediate state, stage, or period.
That's where I've been for over a year now and it is EXHAUSTING.
Last year, my husband and I realized that our current house wasn't going to serve us well in this season. We started looking at places and none of them felt right. Until September 2nd when we saw what was going to be our new house. It was perfect. Room for the kids to grow. A place for both of our offices at home. A location by a bus route and walkable to a grocery store, post office, movie theater, and hardware store. The library is even around the corner!
The problem was, the house was built in 1898 and hadn't been kept up as a single family home for decades. It was a major undertaking. It involved paying for professional asbestos abatement and getting a structural engineer to make sure that our house wouldn't fall down if we...
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A Cry Out

Nov 18, 2020
by Shannon Iacobacci, Collaborator

Have you ever just sat and held your little one with FASD after a major episode and just sobbed? Have you ever just laid by their bedside after it was all said and done and cried out to God to help you do this better? Well I just did…again. 

I have just spent the last 30 minutes crying my eyes out because I continue to see the challenges of this disability. I mean, I know it, I’ve seen it in others, but I am in the trenches more and more every day. It’s like my baby has snapped and things are getting worse. Here I am learning more about brain-based disability so that I can help others understand it, and advocate for children with this disability. Here I am being the “teacher” on what to do when this happens, and yet in the moment, when this is happening in my own real life, I get triggered too.

Why? Why can’t I just recognize it in the moment of daily life and just roll with it? Why am I finding...

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