When School CAUSES Trauma

aubrey page school trauma Jun 29, 2021
by Aubrey Page, CEO

I have googled for a long time, but correct me if I just am a terrible google-r.

I cannot find discussion around the school CAUSING trauma.  When you look up school and trauma you get articles about how to provide trauma-informed care in an education setting. How to support the kids who aren't eating at home and the kids who have to sleep with one eye open.

Let's talk about the kids who have to go to school with one eye open.  The kids for whom school is the most dangerous place.  Why would school be like that?  What would cause that?

Children who should be eligible for special education services can be traumatized by school in the following ways:

- Not being identified and therefore being treated like a child who doesn't need support. Consistently failing at assignments and/or getting in trouble leading to a heightened vigilance or avoidance of assignments altogether.

- Being identified as a "behavior only" child when really the behavior...

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