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Supporting ADHD (Parent Edition)

An ADHD diagnosis can be overwhelming and confusing. Yakini breaks it all down and makes you an expert on how to support your kid at home and in the community.

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Have more than one kid? Michelle teaches you how to support both neurodiverse and neurotypical kids in this class. As a parent and therapist, she knows the right things!

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Digging Deeper On Self Care

La Shanda Sugg (LPC) will take you on a journey of finding what more meaningful self care looks like.  She will help give you more tools in your tool box to be a more resilient parent.

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How To Get The IEP You Want

Do IEP meetings have you super stressed?  Aubrey will teach you how to plan education goals, learn the difference between IEPs vs 504s, how to work with teachers, how to work with districts, AND a meeting plan of attack!

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The Power Of 
The Reset

Are escalations a big struggle at home?  Aubrey will teach practical tips on how to prevent escalations and also how to handle them once they've started. Deep breaths!

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Identifying FASD

It's so hard to know if this is impacting your parent or professional journey.  This courses lists in detail the symptoms and compares them to other diagnoses.

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Diagnosing FASD

We explore whether to get a diagnosis, how to get a diagnosis, and what types of diagnoses there are.  We also talk about how to talk about it with the child and family.

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Supporting FASD
(Parent Edition)

The most information-packed training Aubrey has done for parents yet!  Be sure to grab this amazing course and all of it's bonuses. 

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FASD Parent Bundle

Need everything??
You get a discount if you purchase all three courses together.

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Supporting FASD
(Teacher Edition)

Quick and to the point, this training is only 91 minutes long and will give you the information you need to support a student with FASD.

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She is very relatable. Brings lots of information to a level that even a newbie to this diagnosis can understand.”

Lesley R.


We work with parents who have lived experiences, professionals who are passionate, and individuals who are neurodiverse.


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