Ready to start truly taking care of yourself so that you can take better care of your kids?

Self Care is More 
Than a Pedicure

Self care just got a whole lot easier with our mini-course from La Shanda.


Have you heard the myth?

That self care is a thing or activity...

We have been told that self care is a thing or activity, but La Shanda teaches us self care is a practice.  She discusses self care as 5 practices that lead to healthy functional living.  Bringing us to a state of more awareness allow us to care for ourselves and be more present with our family.

So let us ask you this…

Would you invest in your self care if you knew it could have positive ripple effects for your family?  You can’t even get a mani pedi for $27!  This is so much more than that.


⚠️ WARNING! ⚠️

Side effects to self care as a practice may include...

Gain a better understanding as to why self care is challenging for us.

Teaching our kids how to love themselves continues to have value.

Learning how to let out the love and not let in the hurtful words as a part of parenting.

This can change every aspect of how we approach parenting.

Introducing the...

Digging Deeper on Self Care

It’s More Than a Pedicure


La Shanda has been trained by the best and walked away with a better understanding of these 5 core practices.  When she started applying them in her own life she saw big changes.  She often says that she is a totally different parent today because of how she has been able to include these practices in her daily life. 

At The Change Starts Here Collaborative, we want to empower you to create change in your home and community by learning and growing.  This course provides just that.  It gives you the tools to be the change you want to see.  This course revolutionizes how we see self care and makes it a much more meaningful thing to work towards.

The End Result?

  • We are able to see feelings as data points versus them controlling our emotions.

  • We learn the value of interdependence and can teach that to our kids.

  • We identify our needs and wants and know how to meet them.

Hishu M.

"We learn to love ourselves by the way we are loved." Though at some point in my healing process, I understood this was how love of self manifested, there are times you need to hear it said as a true curative by someone else. When I watched LaShanda Sugg's class on self-care, titled, "Knowing Yourself", her words acknowledging your true potential to love yourself and care for yourself reverberated through every echo chamber in my spirit as a wake up call to genuinely care for myself. "Learning to unapologetically ask for help is self care." Something I feel I'm not the only one who struggles with, is exactly that, asking for help. It makes a whole lot of sense, in essence, that if we ask for help, we are caring for ourselves and that is never a bad thing. Because how we love and care for ourselves, is ultimately how we love and care for others. Her class was one big epiphany for my healing journey and I so wished everyone could hear her words of encouragement and inspiration to your own healing potential.

To make sure you have EVERYTHING you need to take action and prioritize yourself, you’ll also get access to a special bonus...

  1. The #timeformechallenge workbook has 70 different ways you can institute self care as an activity or thing as a way to stretch your new self care muscles that you grew during the course.
  2. You will get access to the graphics made for this challenge so that you can challenge yourself and others to take better care of themselves.
  3. You will get an invitation to the monthly office hours that the Collaborative holds to answer questions exclusively for students of our courses.

Grab the mini-course!

30-Days of Access for Just
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$200  $27


Imagine how much different your life could look if...

  • You valued your own needs at the same level as others in your family.
  • You said goodbye to resentment and established healthy boundaries.
  • You felt empowered to ask for help.
  • You learned to laugh again.

Grab the mini-course!

30-Days of Access for Just
One Payment Of
$200  $27


Who is your teacher?

As a survivor of childhood trauma, La Shanda’s personal healing journey has led her to dedicate her life and gifts to helping others heal. Whether in therapy sessions, trainings, The Labors of Love Podcast, or in her books, her message remains the same, “It’s time to move from Coping to Healing.”  La Shanda founded Labors of Love Counseling and Consulting, LLC based in the Cincinnati area of Ohio. Her trauma expertise and ability to make complex concepts easy to understand make her work accessible. Her authenticity and transparency make people want to listen.