Change Starts With You.

Our vision is to build a community of people passionate about creating a better world for individuals with brain-based disabilities.

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We work hard to provide curated content to empower you in your journey and change the dynamics of your home.


We have a strong community online that supports each other and meets once a week to strategize and talk about wins.


We give tools to advocate for neurodiversity in local communities and with legislators. We want to see systemic change!


We help families and professionals working with individuals with brain-based disabilities to feel confident and supported by providing a library of resources and a sense of community so that they are empowered in supporting these individuals and advocating for their own needs.


We work with parents who have lived experiences, professionals who are passionate, and individuals who are neurodiverse.


We believe in giving you tips that you can use at home or with your clients immediately. The courses are easily accessible and quick.


We work to learn the latest and greatest science and strategies to help you help others.  You won't find outdated approaches here!

What people are saying about just ONE of our Collaborators...

“Aubrey provides great, practical information and support.”

Rebecca C., Parent 

Mama Bear? Sounds about right...

Sep 01, 2022

One Year Later...

Nov 01, 2021

Speaking Truth in Love

Oct 15, 2021

Neurodiversity + Knowledge 

= Power

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