Want to Collaborate?

Want to be a part of the Collaborative? We are always looking to partner with new advocates.  We need to make sure our goals align so here is some information.

Be sure to read our about us, language guide, and some of our blogs.  Check out our other collaborators.

Collaborators are required to provide content to the Collaborative so that we can get more content out to our audience.  The requirements are:

  • Monthly (tracked by calendar month, beginning the next full calendar month.
    • Submit one blog post with a photo.
    • Submit one social media post with a photo.
  • Quarterly (tracked by calendar quarter, beginning the next full calendar quarter)
    • Host one support group in the Facebook group.
    • Submit one ‘Caregiver Tip’ video.
    • Host one Instagram takeover.
  • Annually (tracked beginning at date of joining into a rolling 12-month period)
    • Submit two courses that are able to be posted online.

In exchange, the Collaborative will provide:

  • Maintenance and costs of the website as well as the promotion of each collaborator on the website.
  • Administrative maintenance of the Facebook group and the support group except for weeks hosted by Collaborators.
  • Promotion of courses hosted on the site as well as social media and blog posts provided by the Collaborators.
  • Distributing compensation of courses to Collaborators.

If you don't want to be a Collaborator, we have the option to be a Contributor outlined in the contract below.  You can also be a guest blogger by contacting [email protected]

We don't want to be litigious, but we do want to make sure the responsibilities of each party is outlined so we have our contracts for you to look over below.

Collaborator Contract

Check out our collaborator contract here to see if this is something you would be interested in participating in.


Course Contract

A course contract would need to be signed for each course so please read that here.